Allballs Clutch Cables RM125/250 04-08


Allballs Clutch Cables RMZ250 10-17

Allballs Clutch Cables RM125/250 01-03

Allballs Clutch Cables RM125/250 01-03
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Allballs Clutch Cables are high quality products that meet or even exceed OEM quality.
All cables are equiped with pre-lubricated nylon inner sleeves and tightly coiled inner casings. This combined with a flexible PVC outer jacket and strong steel inner cable offers high durability and smooth control. The cables come with all necessary mounting parts.
Black vinyl coil-wound housing Meets or exceeds OEM quality stainless steel wire with Inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation.
Made in Japan.

RM125 (2001-2003),,,
RM250 (2001-2003),,,

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