Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard White

Alpinestars A-1 Roost Guard White

Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 Bionic Neck Support

Alpinestars BNS Tech-2 Bionic Neck Support

Alpinestars A-4 Max Chest Protector

A-4 Max Chest Protector White Anthrecite Re
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The protector offers protection for the chest, ribs and back via its flexible hard plates. With ventilation and bio-foam padding for comfort and fit, it features removable shoulder padding for versatility and optimal comfort, and is fully compatible with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Supports.

• All-new triple layer chest protector features a highly perforated impact

• absorption insert for high levels of ventilation and protection.

• Features a new Cell Technology back protector.

• Removable shoulder pads for high levels of customization.

• Extended padding to offer more protection against tire roost without obstructing arm movement.

• The protector plastic shells are perforated for maximum breathability and cooling ventilation.

• Adjustable elastic straps incorporate thermoformed perforated rib protection

• panels for additional protection without compromising movement.

• Elastic closure system features newly designed, quick and easy-to-

• use buckles that fit a broad range of rider body sizes.

• Thermoformed padded chassis for optimized levels of comfort and close-to-body fit.

• Adjustable shoulder straps for optimal fit.

• Bionic Neck Support compatibility.

• Silicon BNS pull tabs for easy and safe engagement of the BNS.

• Additional thermoformed EVA tail extension for extended coverage to the lower spine.


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