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  1. TT3D: Guy Martins' Best Videos

    With Guy Martin becoming such a popular fella, after the release of the new movie TT3D, I thought it'd be an good time to put together a compilation of his best/funniest moments on camera. I don't think there's a racer out there that makes me smile more. He really is like something transported from the past, hairstyle an' all, and loves his racing for all the right reasons. I think that's why he's become popular with the public.


    I personally get sick when I hear the usual chorus of sponsors being spewed onto the unfortunate audience by BORING racers but Guy brings a refreshing change to the norm. He's rubbed officials the wrong way, walked off podiums and a regular in the bar after the races - A complete non-conformist, that has probably cost him in the past, has actually earned him this moment of fame the new movie has brought.



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  2. How To Bleed Your Motorcycle Brakes

    This video should help in bleeding your motocross or road bike brakes. One thing most people don't realise is how quickly the brake fluid gets contaminated and stops performing properly.

    If you need new brake fluid check here.

    If you need new brake pads for motorcycles and quads you'll find them here.

    If you need brake cleaner spray you'll find it ...... oh actually I can't find it on the site:) I'll come back and update this after I get around to creating the new product.

    Don't forget that brake fluid will destroy paintwork, clothing or anything it touches. It's acts like a mild acid so be sure to clean any surface the fluid spills on.

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  3. How To Fit Motocross Graphics

    This is one job that we always get customer calls looking for help so I thought this video would he helpful. This video shows fitting the right hand rear number board. This is the most difficult panel as it's got the most bend on it. I normally leave this one until last as it will give you time to practice on the easier panels like the rad shrouds and rear mudguard.


    Keep in mind, we sell almost all of the main brands of motocross graphics and quad graphics, Blackbird, One

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  4. How To Change Your Motorcycle Steering Bearings

    This video should help you in changing your motorcycle steering bearings. It's the same for a road bike except the initial strip down is slightly different. The setup of the bearings is the same on every bike though.

    We sell steering bearings for EVERY road, off-road and quad bike. If you can't find your bike on the site feel free to call me directly. You'll find most bearings HERE.

    You'll also find the handy tool for removing head bearings HERE

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  5. 2008 YZ125 dirt bike for sale

    Dirt Bike For Sale - NOW SOLD

    OK, first things first, this is a bike owned by a good friend of mine, Keith Clarke. I generally don't bother getting involved in helping people selling motocross bikes, for loads of reasons, but mostly because we always have too much to do in the office!! You're probably wondering why I'm advertising his bike and the reason is simple - he begged and begged and begged:) Eventually I cracked, grumbled a lot and now I'm typing this post!


    Yz125 2008
    In all its glory - the ring-ding-aling beast!

    He bought the bike from Ciaran Hayes in Megabikes(his

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