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  1. Preston Docks Motocross Track

    Preston Docks Motocross Track

    I did a recent roadtrip around the UK visiting 4 different tracks and this was the last one I covered. I hadn't rode here and when we arrived I could have easily have stayed in the van (due to rain, dehydration, 3 day beaten up body, and massive Liverpool hangover:) until I got to see the track.

    It's located about an hour north of Liverpool and consists of a greyish sand that changes in depth over the track. There's a good mix of tabletops, whoops (natural and built), rutted and bermed corners.

    It's fully marshaled, first aid on site and split into groups (youth, novice, expert).

    There's no washing facilities(that I could see) and the paddock isn't quite as good as some of the other tracks we got to [yes, I realise I sound like an old man but having a stone paddock makes the day a lot easier i the rain] but the riding makes up for it.

    It will definitely be included on the 2012 route.

    How do I contact the guys at Preston

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  2. Apex Motocross Track

    Apex Motocross Track

    I did a recent roadtrip around the UK visiting 4 different tracks and this was the third one I covered. I've rode here for the last few years and it never disappoints - it's a quality facility.

    The track is located a bit outside Birmingham, on a small enough site, along the motorway. The surface is perfectly mixed woodchip and soil. It makes for great ruts and, as the whole track is on a hill, it makes it equally enjoyable for complete novices and experts.

    There are few big jumps on the track this year which I wasn't getting over and it did take away from the craic as it disrupted the flow. I was everything short of using brakes not to jump/case them. They were just too big for me having seen the local pros jumping it.

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  3. Fatcat Motoparc, Motocross Track Video

    Fatcat Motoparc Motocross Track

    I did a recent roadtrip around the UK visiting 4 different tracks and this was the second one I covered. I rode here last year and it was dusty, hardpack and generally no fun - exactly the opposite of what it is now!

    They completely flattened the old facility and re-opened in December 2010 with a new top class setup. There is now 3 tracks. The day I was there we just rode the main practice track as there was a race the next day and one track was reserved for that.

    The new track is really deep deep sand, bottomless infact! There's very few jumps but rolling whoops all around the track. It's a pure workout and probably quite difficult for beginners (although I think there was an easier track somewhere else).

    What's most impressive about the whole place is the organisation: decent parking, camping, toilets, showers, fulltime flag marshals, and best of all prompt group changing so you get plenty of track time.

    How do I contact

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  4. What is Motorcycle IBT (Initial Basic Training)?

    So it's time for guest blogger, Aidan Sheehan to answer a question that I'm always asked and I actually don't know all the answers to - What is this new IBT that everyone is talking about?

    So Aidan, What is Motorcycle IBT?

    IBT stands for Initial Basic Training and, since December 6th 2010, all people looking looking to ride on the public road must complete 4 modules of this training (16 hours). You need to do the IBT before you can apply for your full driving test.

    Do I need my own motorcycle?

    No, you only need your learner permit (previously called provisional licence) to get going. I can hire bikes and gear if you need it.

    How many days does Motorcycle IBT it normally take?

    It can be broken down, or, done back to back depending on your diary.


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  5. When sense goes out the window - frustrating suppliers!!

    Forewarning - this post is pure rant, not relevant at all, probably not interesting, yes I have issues.

    Let me first give some background. Six weeks ago I purchase an FMF end can for a rider whom I help out. I love FMF products, the quality is excellent, they list all models back throughout the years and they look the business - hence why I bought one. After one ride using the exhaust the 4 rivets which mount the bracket to the can broke. The bike never fell over. Nothing happened. Things break.

    No big deal, send it back.

    A quick call to my suppliers and a new exhaust is en route as a replacement. We first check the part numbers, frame numbers and everything else ensuring that the one we are using is perfect for the bike (2009 RMZ450). I post back the broken part. I fit the new one once it arrives.

    On the second

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  6. Broadford Motocross Track, Westmeath

    Broadford Motocross Track


    Broadford motocross track is open for it's second year now and has just(August 2011) had a massive facelift. It's often referred to as Enfield Motocross Track also.

    The whole track has been raised to help with drainage during the winter. The jumps have been improved and the ground loosened in general: all round a much better track than it was previously.

    The track is owned and run by Jonathan Coughlan and his band of helpers(Robin Mongey and many others!). It's generally open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday but always check out their Facebook page or call him (0877429205) in advance to check opening times.

    They charge only €15 on weekdays and €25 on weekends. Quads aren't currently allowed on open days but the track can be booked in advance for quads if needed.


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  7. AMA Motocross 2011 - Round 9

    AMA Motocross 2011 - Round 9

    All the latest action form Unadilla, AMA Motocross 2011. If you like these videos please tell your friends by clicking the Facebook 'Like' button above.

    450 Race 2 Unadilla 2011

    250 Race 2 Unadilla 2011

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  8. August Contest: Win an Allmoto Jacket and More!

    Do you like free stuff and the chance to win cool prizes? So do we, so we're pleased to announce the first of Allmoto's monthly Prize Give Away Contests.

    So, what's up for grabs this month?

    My best Zoolander 'Blue Steel'
    • A neoprene Team Allmoto casual jacket
    • A €50 gift voucher to spend at Allmoto Online
    • Stickers, buttons and all the other cool stuff we've got lying around the office to fill up your prize pack!

    How to I enter to win this?

    It's easy! To enter, simply subscribe to our newsletter by filling in your email address i

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  9. Meet our Guest Blogger, Road Motorcycle Safety Expert - Aidan Sheehan

    Derek here, I should probably briefly introduce Aidan and hopefully the Q+A below will give you a better insight into the man that is Mr Sheehan! Aidan will be guest blogging on the site to provide you, the readers, with knowledge on all things road riding. Aidan is an expert in road safety with 12 years experience in the area.


    Aidan Sheehan Motorcycle Safety Expert

    So Aidan, Where are you from originally?
    I'm from Dublin originally.


    Married? Kids? Etc?
    I'm happily married, with one son, Aidan Jnr of course!


    What did you do before being a rider instructor?
    I was in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and decided it was time for a change. I once read that if you can turn your hobbie into your job, then you'll never work another day in your life
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  10. Keoghs Motocross Track - Motocross Ireland

    Motocross Ireland

    I sold the CRF250 that I'm riding in this video a week after I shot this video...I still miss the thing. Not a particularly spectacular bike but it suited me perfectly. I got to ride one in Enfield yesterday and it reminded me how much I miss ringing the neck of the little 250f!

    This is an oldie, or at least one year old today! This was Gerardo Kelly, Robin Watson and myself playing about with the video camera at Keoghs. The track isn't open for public use - infact it only gets used a few times a year (houses nearby)!

    Derek Traynor.


    Motocross Ireland

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