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  1. Ciao Marco - Simoncelli's best moments on video.


    Some of Simoncelli's best moments from throughout the years.

    Marco SImoncelli
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  2. Free Allmoto T-shirts on Freebie Friday

    Facebook Allmoto Video

    Who ever guessed people LOVE remembering their bike ever bike so much!

    We've recently been doing a new 'thing' on Facebook where we give away t-shirts on a Friday to people who comment on our videos.

    The first week we asked you "What was your first bike and one thing you remember about it. The answers were hilarious and really reminded me how fondly people remember their first bike. You can check out all the answers at the video on Facebook HERE.

    This week the question is "who's your favourite racer and why?". You can answer to win a t-shirt HERE.







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  3. How to wash a motorbike.

    Ok, this might seem like the simplest thing in the world but so many people don't seem to understand it - How to wash a motorbike.

    how to wash a motorbike Erik hard at work!

    You can wreck a bike by power washing it badly. However, there is good news, contrary to the OEM manuals there are 'safe ' ways to wash your motorbike. After this you will have it looking like new again.

    What you need for washing a motorbike:

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  4. Clearance Motorbike Parts Ireland

    Clearance Motorbike Parts Ireland - Road List

    How did this list of goodies ever come to be?? We had a powercut for a day and, with NOTHING to do, we went through all our old items, end of line stuff, used stuff (if there is any used item the description clearly says USED) and realised that we've loads of unloved parts looking for a caring owner.....remember a titanium exhaust is not just for Christmas.....

    Anyway, you're on the page with the road parts. If you want the OFFROAD AND MOTOCROSS CLEARANCE LIST  then click here.

    If you want to see an image of the clothing you should go back to the homepage and search the site for it.


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  5. Why I Gave Up Selling OEM Motorcycle Parts

    Motorcycle Parts

    This is a pure rant, expect no more, don't read on unless you're completely bored and/or work in the motor trade.


    Firstly, to explain, OEM parts stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. These are parts which are made by the bike manufacturers: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM etc.


    There's a number of parts which are only available from the manufacturers. These are normally the parts which are unlikely to brake and therefor it's not worth the effort for another company to make them. These parts are mostly gearbox, special bearings, enging casings, frames, kickstarts, special general parts that aren't 'wear and tear' items.

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  6. Dirt Bike For Sale: Dereks' 2008 CRF450

    Dirt Bike For Sale

    So, I've decided to put my dirt bike for sale, a 2008 CRF450. I bought it towards the end of 2010 and it was almost new when I got it. It literally had a few hours on it. Since then I managed to have a big wipe out (Nov 2010 - broken pelvis plus more!) and as a result  have only managed to ride the bike 10-15 times this year. As you can imagine it's still in great condition.

    I didn't install an hour meter on this bike but I would estimate 20-25 hours use. When you see it in the flesh you'll understand, mint frame, clean engine covers, etc. Anyone who knows me will back up that I take exceptional care of any bike I use myself. For somebody who wants a bike they can ride, knowing that everything about it is just right, then this is the bike for you.dirt bike for sale

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  7. The difference between Boxes: Givi Monokey and Monolock cases.

    Givi box : Monolock or monokey - huh?

    For some reason they have decided to created two different types of Givi Box, the Givi Monokey range and the Givi Monolock range. Let's look at the main differences, slight as they are:


    Monolock Range Monokey Range
    • Less expensive.
    • More expensive.
    • Max designed load 3kg.
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    • Where has the hunger gone?

      So, where has the hunger gone?

      The old me would pump away on the rowing machine without complaint knowing that it would count towards a moto end.

      The old me would jump out of bed at 6 in the morning to drive to any end of the country to race.

      The old me would shrug off suggestions that "you should stop" as I've spent months on crutches, in hospitals and even in a wheelchair on occasion.

      The old me would spend hours prepping my bikes, cleaning gear, changing tyres, filters, lenses and all the other jobs our passion involves.

      The old me slept well at night, exhausted from bikes, satisfied.

      I like the old me.......the old me knew what I wanted.

      I went on the annual UK road trip with all

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    • For Sale: Dereks' Suzuki GSXR 1000 K7

      Gsxr1000K7So I've decided to rock on the trusty GSXR 1000 K7. I've loved the bike and only want to sell it to try out a new Blade. I bought this bike early this year privately. The bike is exactly as you would expect a mint one to be. All the nuts and bolts, bar ends, mirrors, clips are original. It been well looked after since new and it shows when you see it in the flesh. The bike is open to any inspection.


      Most people interested will know this but the standard spec is massive: slipper clutch, hydraulic clutch, radial brakes, 3 programmable power maps(handlebar mounted), digital gear indicator and more.

      So what details do you need to know:

      • Irish bike.
      • K7 model.
      • 2007 reg.
      • 2 owners.
      • 26kms or 16.5m (kilometer clock).
      • new Diablo Corsa 3 fitted at 24.5kms.
      • braided brake lines front and rear.
      • serviced, forks rebuilt and front HH pads at 23.5kms.
      • R+G crash mushrooms and rear
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    • A tent for you AND your motorcycle.

      A Motorcycle Tent?

      I stumbled across this motorcycle tent online and had to show you guys (I don't sell these...yet...maybe). The idea is that there is room in the two man tent for the bike to park for the night. I think it's a great idea as I personally hate leaving my bike outside when touring - I never go into a full deep sleep as my mind seems to listen out for the bike (yes, I know I'm weird but obviously I'm not the only one!).


      Redverz is the maker and they're based in Denver. They designed it out of frustration, like all good inventions:

      “When we’re out on the road for weeks or even months at a time we want our gear and bike securely out of sight, we want to stand up to change clothes, a space to work on the bike and a tent that’s simple – slide three poles, and it’s up,”

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