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  1. The reason you need flag marshals at motocross tracks.

    This video is a perfect example of why you need flag marshals at every motocross track. And more importantly, ones that actually know what they are doing!

    From what I've read online both of these riders walked away from this incident and raced later that day! The footage is from Glen Helen motocross track in California.

    Anyone who's been landed on or landed on another rider will know what this feels like - it the "oh s*^t" moment:

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  2. The Blind Motorcyclist - Jumping 100 feet.

    This is an amazing story about Matthew Wadsworth who has a dream to jump a bike 100 feet. There is only one thing unusual about his story - he's blind.

    blind motorcyclist

    He is without a doubt the most unlikely looking motocross fan you'll ever see. Still though - fair play to him.

    These videos document his training in California with Micky Dymond as Matthew prepares for an extreme challenge. I can't even imagine how difficult this is but I'll be trying to ride blind the next day out just to really appreciate what he's doing. I promise I'll get it on video:)

    It turns out that he's also quite a famous m

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  3. Motocross Suspension Setup Guide

    This great infographic provided by the guys at Motocross Gear should help you getting your motocross or enduro bike setup for racing in 2012. If you need any parts to get your suspension back to good condition just get in touch.

    motocross suspension setup motocross suspension setup




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  4. Motorcycle Safety: Should we be forced to wear hi-vis on our motorcycle?

    So, this has been getting debated for the last few months - the possible introduction of mandatory hi-vis wear.

    The RSA have recently released their Motorcycle Safety Action Plan. You can read it here. In section 4.4.5 they mention:

    "The Motorcycle Safety Action proposes the introduction of regulations for the mandatory wearing of high visibility upper body clothing with full sleeves for ride and pillion passenger."

    What are the motorcycle road safety facts?

    Personally I'm on the fence with this debate. On one hand it most likely would save somebody, on the other hand I'm sick of the nanny state that I see us turning into….

    Motorcycle accidents are a serious problem. Mor

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  5. Ra-da-da-da-da-clack-clack-BOOM

    How to blow up a 450:

    Practicing starts is essential if you plan on racing but this is one of the costs!

    If this has ever happened to you than you probably know the cost of an explosion like this. If it's never happened - don't ask!

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  6. Isle of Man 1948

    Isle of Man

    Here's some seriously vintage from the Isle of Man in 1948. It's amazing how many of the same stuff still exists. I suppose that's part of the appeal.

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