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  1. The Gentlemans Guide To Racing

    I know it is 4 wheels but it is still a cool video!

    OK, firstly to put the record straight, yes I normally wouldn't look twice at a 4 wheeled video but this one has something cool about it.....or at least I think so....oh, and bikes run in the same race so that must give it a pass, right?

    Anyway, let me know what you think below.

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  2. Mechanic Tips - How To Clean Your Motocross Frame

    A ton of people always ask me "How can I clean my frame so it looks like new again?". Well it's a bit of a mystery but actually really simple. You'll need:

    • WD40
    • Scotchbrite Pad (available from any hardware or car parts shop)
    • some scrubbing skills!

    Before you start killing your bike by scotch pad just read these guidelines:

    • don't touch the clutch cover
    • don't touch the plastics
    • don't do the radiators
    • rims...never touch the rims with this tip
    • do scrub the swingarm
    • do scrub the linkage
    • do scrub the crankcase


    motocross frame
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  3. Supercross 2012 Round 12 - Toronto Canada

    450 Main

    250 Lites Main

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  4. Reminder: The clocks are going forward! Let's get the mid week riding in!

    Just a little reminder thaaaaaaaaaat....THE CLOCKS ARE GOING FORWARD!

    Mid week 'bike time' will commence at 1.00 a.m on Sunday 25th March 2012.  

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  5. Product Review - Engine Ice

    This is the coolant that I've always ran in my own bikes. It's a tricky product to proove that it's 'better' as you can't really 'see' the results. All I know is that I've never blown up a bike with Engine Ice in it.

    You can find Engine Ice for sale here.




    engine ice

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  6. Mechanic Tip - Rin N Roll Motocross Goggles Explained

    What is the point of Rip N Roll Motocross Goggles?

    Motocross Goggles - for anyone that is serious about racing you need a set of RipNRoll kit installed to your motocross goggles in your gear bag.

    If you plan on racing you really only have 2 options: tear offs or Rip N Roll.



    3 reasons why are Rip N Rolls better than tear offs?

    motocross gogglesYou have a huge amount of film when using roll offs. You have up to 50 changes of your vision which is miles better than tear offs. Most people only like to carry 7-8 tear offs maximun which will run

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  7. Supercross 2012 Round 11 - Indianapolis

    450 Main

    250 Main

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  8. Our new MASSIVE Allmoto logo just arrived!

    We just took delivery of a huge Allmoto logo from the guys at MadeInHollywood. Fran (Hollywood) was the guy who put it together and, as it happens, he happens to also be a bike nut!

    Some call it compensating - I say whatever!

    allmoto logo

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  9. Mechanics Tips - Motocross Sprockets Explained

    What motocross sprockets will make my bike faster?

    This short video should help the one question I hear every day - how does the sprocket gearing affect the power of my bike?

    If you need the parts that we're looking at you can find the talon front sprockets HERE, the cool race rear talon sprockets HERE and the standard steel rear sprockets here.



    How do I make my motocross bike feel more powerful by changing the sprockets?

    You need to reduce the size of the front sprocket and/or increase the size of the rear sprocket. Doing this will give your off road bike more acceleration ou

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  10. Supercross 2012 - Round 10 Daytona

    Daytona Supercross 2012 450 Main Event Rd10

    AMA Supercross Daytona 2012 Lites Main Event


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