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  1. What's new in MotoGP 2012?

    dave humphreys Guest Blogger - Dave Humphreys from

    Now heading towards Round 3, MotoGP 2012 is a changed landscape. So far the new regulation changes that have been introduced have gone some way towards making the racing slightly more exciting for its viewers.

    Dwindling grid numbers over the last few years combined with near total dominance by just a couple of teams was steering the sport towards a rather dull existence. Fans, and more importantly for DORNA, viewers demanded change.

    So for 2012 the Grand Prix Commission (MotoGP’s rule making group) decided to introduce a raft of changes aimed at increasing not just numbers on the grid but also some excitement.

    MotoGP 2012 engine size increase to 1000cc

    Increase in engine capacity from 800 to 1,000cc and engines no greater than four cylinder. Originally engine sizes were decreased to 800cc in an attempt to slow the bikes down - yet in pre-season testing that year the bikes were already a

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  2. Allmoto Racing - Eric Mullin Rider Interview

    So Eric, tell us a bit about yourself:

    My name is Eric Mullin. Im 21 and have been riding motocross since I was 15. I began to ride competitively at 17. My first bike was a Yam YZ85 and since then I've been hooked.

    How did you get into motocross?

    I remember watching the Paris Bercy supercross race on Eurosport and thinking that I'd love to give that a go. After this I started looking into getting a bike for myself. I had little or no experience of bikes but a few of my mates already had bikes and they pointed me in the right direction. I got the YZ85 and started going down to the bog with the lads and it has all progressed since this.

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  3. Allmoto Racing - Eric Mullins 2012 KXF250

    We're helping out a local guy this year called Eric Mullin. I'll be posting a rider bio soon so keep an eye on the site over the next few days.

    It's unusual for a Kawasaki but what do you guys think of the white KX250F? Comments below


    kxf250 white 2012

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  4. The 'Pratson' SX150 for the two stroke championships.

    For the first time there is to be a two stroke championship in Ireland so we've got behind the 'Pratson' (John Pritchard and Robin Watson) effort and pimped up the SX150 for 2012.

    Let me know what you think below.


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  5. Neil Lyons Roadracing 2012

    Neil Lyons is an Irish roadracer local to our shop, quiet man, loves the roads and general all round nice-guy. I actually got to know Neil by meeting him in Blanchardstown hospital when we were both a bit broken - the physio center in the hospital was like the biker social club at the time!

    A few fans are running a fundraiser Poker Run on April 21st to help is racing efforts in 2012. You can catch all the details on the Facebook event page HERE.

    I got a chance to catch up with him recently and here's what he had to say:

    So Neil, it's great to hear that you're having another go at the road racing for 2012. What have you been doing over the winter months to prepare for this season?

    I've mostly been cycling to build up strenght in my legs. I've also been riding some MX to get my eye back into the game.

    What bikes and classes are you riding in 2012?

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  6. How NOT to load a bike!

    I'm not exactly sure what this guy was thinking but it makes for good entertainment:)


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  7. Mechanic Tips - How To Fit Your Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

    This in one tip that I constantly see people getting wrong.

    5 tips for installing a rear motorcycle sprocket

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  8. Supercross 2012 Round 13 Houston

    450 Main

    250 Main

    Coning soon - check back later today.

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