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  1. First look - 2013 Honda CRF450

    It's been a long anticipated wait for the 2013 CRF450. People have been waiting for electric start (I know I was) but no such look this year.

    2013 crf450 hondaIn general I think it looks....well, OK - only OK.

    Love the twin pipes....although they're not symmetrical looking....the makes the little OCD ape inside me cry...although a set of pipes should sort that out nicely.

    0/10 for the side panels, the same panels look terrible on the KTM and Honda copy them - bizarre! Infact the rad side panel are also very KTM-esque also - interesting...

    Silver rims still confuse me, black rims cost the manufacturers about 10 cent each more (possible slight massive exaggeration) - why not throw on black ones in the factory?

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  2. AMA Motocross 2012 Round 2 - Freestone

    450 Main


    250 Main

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  3. James Stewart GoPro footage - AMA Motocross Round One Hangtown

    James Stewart GoPro footage - AMA Motocross Round One Hangtown

    Man it's good to see this guy back MXing.

    "A happy James equals a fast James" - Davey Coombs

    Never a truer word, James is killing it.

    All of this footage is using a GoPro helmet cam.

    Stewarts around the outside pass on Dungey is so impressive (2:44). I can't wait to see how this season plays out. Fingers crossed the main players stay in one piece.

    If the vid is running a bit slow turn down the quality as I have this running on 720.

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  4. Thor 2013 Gear - Sneak Preview

    Round 1 on the 2013 AMA Motocross Championships was on last week and we got a sneaky look at what the Thor 2013 Gear that should be with us late this year.


    Thor 2013 Gear

    [gallery link=file orderby="rand"]

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  5. Isle Of Man 2012

    Holy smokes it's come around again - frightening how the year flies in!


    Isle Of Man TT is on May 26th - June 8th 2012. You can catch all the latest info over at the Isle Of Man 2012 website.


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  6. Derek visits the British Motorcycle Museum

    I've been spending a ton of time in the UK recently and I must have passed this place at least ten times. It's at the main Birmingham airport roundabout - couldn't be easier to find - the British Motorcycle Museum.

    british motorcycle museum Mmmmmm, motorbikes...

    I'm not normally a fan of old bikes but curiosity has been getting the better of me recently. It's amazing to see where the bikes have come from, especially in recent years. What is really great about the oldies is the range of approaches people took to developing the bikes. Today most brands are very same-samey - alloy twin spar frames, overhead cams, monoshock, telescopic forks, almost all four

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  7. How to make a motorcycle from a lighter!

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  8. 50 Years of Racing - Get on with riding or get on with dying.

    I stumbled across this a while ago and have been meaning to post it for a while.

    I think I found my new life motto to post on the office wall: "Get on with riding or get on with dying" - classic!!

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