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  1. Allmoto 2008 Nissan Primastar For Sale

    2008 Nissan primastar for sale

    We've decided to sell the shop van due to lack of use. It dawned on me a few weeks ago (when running around looking for the keys) that I hadn't been in the van in about 3 months! So, it's time to go.

    We bought it brand new and it's still in excellent condition. It was never used as a delivery van and was only used to transport a motocross bike and gear to practice and race days. It was always owner driven.

    It's open to ANY inspection. Oh, I've checked and the graphics come off easily.

    • 2008
    • 115bhp, 6 speed, long wheel base
    • metallic silver
    • 75kms or 47k miles
    • 12 months DOE (done on 5/6/12)
    • 9 months tax
    • Full Nissan service history
    • 4 nearly new tyres (I think we had them fitted at the end of last summer)
    • professionally ply lined in the back
    • €7500 (including VAT) €6097 (excl VAT)

    If you're wondering what they're generally worth you

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  2. AMA Motocross Round 3 - Thunder Valley

    450 Main Part 1

    450 Main Part 2

    250 Main Part 1

    250 Main Part 2

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