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  1. I just found the KING of backyard motocross tracks.

    Just stumbled across this online. I've seen quite a few sweet backyard motocross tracks (I've even built a few) and this one is top of the leader-board. What's different about this track is the amount of huge airtime this guy is getting - the jumps are whopper - and yet the track is still only 10 foot wide in places!

    What's a backyard motocross track? To me it's a track that, without a gazillion bucks, you could actually-possibly-maybe someday build yourself.

    I don't for a second think this is better than Reeds (or most other AMA pro cribs) tracks but it's still quality looking..........although I'm fairly sure I'd kill myself out there!


    Oh, if you're wondering who the pilot is - it's Julien Lieber. He's a German kid who hit a few of the later World rounds this year (Matterly Basin, Lierop...maybe a few more) with the Rockstar Suzuki crew. He's clean and definitely one to watch.

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  2. Competition: Post you Halloween bike pic to win free Dirt-Off

    We're running a competition over on the Facebook page.

    So, what can I win?

    You can win FREE Dirt-Off Bikewash. What;'s even better is that it's an Irish product - wohoo!

    How do I enter the competition to win free stuff?

    All you need to do it post a picture of a 'Halloween' bike image.

    When do you select the winner of the competition?

    On Friday we'll pick a winner and announce it on Facebook.

    Where do I go to enter?

    Go to the Allmoto Facebook Page. Oh, and while you're there give us a 'Like'!!







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