Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. GoPro Hero 3 Arrives at Allmoto

    We've been working on getting the new GoPro Hero 3 listed on the site you can find them all here


    This time GoPro have 3 different models White Edition, Silver

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  2. VIDEO: Blazusiak takes Gold at X-Games Brazil


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  3. Mechanics Tips - How to adjust your MX bike throttle cable

    It's worth knowing that two stroke bikes will have 2 throttle cables and a two stroke will have one

    On a fourstroke you can also adjust the 'return' (sometimes called push cable) cable. This is normally done at the carb rather than on the throttle assembly (handlebars).



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  4. 2014 MX Bike Sneak Pics

    Recently spotted at the Japanese national championships, the CRF250 and YZF450 look like they've had a major overhaul for 2014.

    The CRF250 looks like it's fallen inline with it's big brother, the CRF450. Including going back to the twin piper setup. I can't help think that Honda has ripped off the KTM back end - what's your opinion?

    The YZF450 has an all new exhaust design with the header pipe wrapping the cylinder head. This affects the subframe and most likely the rear shock setup. The tank is different but I wouldn't be sure if this will transfer to the production bikes (these pics are the prototype bikes used in the Japanese championships).


    So it seems that Honda have gone back to the twin-pipe setup on the 250F

    CRF250 2014
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