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  1. VIDEO: Twitch - Riding Dirty

    jeremy twitch

    Good to see Twitch keeping it real and throwing some craaaazy whips.


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  2. Motorcycle Chains Explained

    Ever wondered what size drive chain your motorcycle needs?

    motorcycle chain

    What way do motorcycle chain sizes work?

    Generally sizes are described as 'pitch by length'.

    For example 520-118 - this has a pitch of 520 and is 118 links long.

    What does 'pitch' mean in relation to a drive chain?

    It's actually the distance between the chain pins.

    motorcycle chain pitch

    How many different motorcycle chain pitches are there?

    Loads, but commonly used there are the following:

    • 420
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  3. Imagine NEVER washing your motorcycle again!

    This stuff looks SO good - too good infact.

    Have you any of you got to try this out? Wonder if it lasts a long time or not?

    Either way it looks the business - they'll probably be getting some of my money.





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  4. Irish Motorcycle Photo Rally 2013 for mobile devices

    I've been doing parts of the Irish Photo Rally for the last 2-3 years (although I've never actually entered it!).

    I always struggle viewing the official map on my mobile (iphone, ipad, android, etc) so I've stuck together this mobile friendly version of the map. The official page is here.

    What is the Irish Motorcycle Photo Rally?

    It's an annual fun event where there a bunch of locations around the country. The idea is to hit each one and grab a snap/video/whatever. At the year end you can submit an entry and the organisers decide winners for all sorts of categories.

    How long do I have to complete the Photo Rally?

    As long as you want really. The organisers launch the route in Feb and it runs until November. You can do it in a week, month or more.

    I've known

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  5. Staff Opinions - KTM SMT990

    So, the KTM SMT990 been around for a week or so now and I'm still a happy chappy.

    If you want to see all the pics check them out here.

    ktm smt carbon exhaust

    Last week we put a shout out (on our Facebook page) for any questions you guys might have. I'll cover them one by one.......starting with the most commonly asked.

    Can it wheelie 'mister?

    Yes, it'll power wheelie-ing in second gear, clutching in third. It's not particularly easy to launch IMO.

    How fast does it go'mister?

    130mph (apparently:)

    At cruising speed the

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  6. What Scala Rider kit should I get? (Comparison Chart)


    scala rider part2

    You can check out our Scala Rider items here

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  7. Staff Wheels - Derek's KTM SMT

    At long last I've go my hands on the bike I've wanted (really badly) for over a year - good things come to those who wait, eh?

    The days of 180mph sports bike is behind me (hopefully) and now onto more comfortable times!

    I picked it up from a man in Scotland and brought it home via the coast road of northern Ireland (not exactly most direct route).

    What's it like? - It's whopper, I'll post up a mini review in a few weeks. If there's any questions you have that you'd like to see in the review just comment below, email me or post on our Facebook wall.


    ktm smt orange taxed and all - ha
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