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  1. VIDEO: Australia's Motorcycle Safety Campaign

    motorcycle safety ad

    So Australia have gone with a very direct advertising campaign to remind bikers of the difference between commitment on the track and what it can cause on the road.

    What's you opinion on the campaign? Too much? Or badly needed?


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  2. Lasergate what?

    jeff alessi motocross

    In-case you've had your moto-head well and truly buried in the nearest whoop all week you'll prob have heard about the Jeff Alessi 'Lasergate' situation at the AMA motocross nationals in Washougal.

    Here's the bullets:

    • Alessi shines a laser into goggles of a few riders (Villopoto, Malcolm Stewart) on start line at Washougal
    • Davey Coombs (owner/head honcho of MX Sports the series organiser) catches him red handed
    • Multiple verbals break out over the remainder of the day involving Daddy Alessi, Davey Coombs, Steve Matthes and more
    • a bunch of fines and bans were handed out as a result.
    • hilarious (and long) 
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  3. VIDEO: Crazy Carts - I don't care if I'm too old


    Not bike related, just plain cool.

    Kids these days are just too lucky IMO.

    In-case you're interested you can buy one here.


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  4. Rossi's Backyard Track

    vale rossi track

    Rossi has found himself a quality place to bring racers from all backgrounds together.

    When you're a the top these are the things you have to do - it's a tough life:)

    Interesting to see that they're running the flat track rims rather than 17 supermoto ones.


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  5. New 2014 KX85 - I wanna be a kid again!

    Wow - pics were just released of the new KX85.

    Keep in mind that the previous model has looked similar since 1990 - 23 years! Sure they made subtle setup changes over the years but rarely released much technology into the model. I could never understand why as Kawasaki were basically throwing bike sales to KTM.

    There's so many changes to this model I got bored reading the list but it's at the bottom of this post if you want to check through it - it's long.

    kx85-new-green New 2014 KX85 gets a similar styling to the 250f and 450f

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  6. VIDEO: Electric Motorcycles - I used to laugh...not any more!

    Electric motorcycles have been kicking around for a good 10 years or more but recently they're starting to get fairly serious - this video has certainly shut me up for a while.

    I thought the motocross guys would be the early adopters due to the issues the four strokes have causes with noise related issues and MX tracks being under pressure.

    electric motorcycle

    This onboard footage is ridden like a champ by John McGuinness - flat out no less.

    So, electric motorcycles - what'cha think? Yah or nay?




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