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  1. 2014 KTM Enduro Test Day

    So, we're just back from a full day of thrashing the 2014 KTM EXC and EXCF enduro bike range. As you can imagine, the body is the only thing that got thrashed. We successfully managed to break none of the bikes!


    The guys in Norman Watt motorcycles kindly invited us up to Tinker Hill MX park.

    They have laid out an enduro loop using parts of the motocross track and incorporating in the surrounding forestry - it actually worked quite well.

    It was rocky and technical but a good test for the bikes. We joined the MX track at a few points and they were welcome breaks (.....note to self, enduro riding is not easy).

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  2. Like working from home? We're hiring part-timers!

    You will be able to work from anywhere at any time of the day or night - sounds like a dream, eh?

    We have a new part time position available for anyone who likes bikes, likes the web and loves working from the comfort of their couch, the bar or even the beach!

    That's how we roll! That's how we roll!

    What type of work will I be doing?

    You will be logging into our Magento website and updating/creating the products that we sell.

    You will be able to decide how much work you want to do - the more you do, the more you make.

    You will be supplied with catalogues that we have marked the items we want on our site.

    Things you will be doing:

    1. starting whenever you want
    2. wearing whatever you want
    3. oh, and
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  3. Mega Motorcycle Pics Vol.3

    Bills Pipes are making a comeback into the industry! Bills Pipes are making a comeback into the industry!

    Rossi's team have finally found a way to stop that M1 of his! Rossi's team have finally found a way to stop that M1 of his!



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  4. VIDEO: Some of the best MotoGP laps ever - Catalunya 2009


    Some of the most precise racing in years - Rossi V Lorenzo, Catalunya 2009

    Who remembers these few laps? I remember shouting at the tellybox, sweating - quality.

    Same bike, same tyres, no bullshit - G'wan ROSSI!

    Hopefully we'll see him back to this form in 2014!

    [vimeo 32756097]

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  5. Freebie Friday September 13th

    So it's Friday the 13th but this one could be your lucky Friday - you can win an Allmoto t-shirt!

    How do I win a t-shirt?

    Just find the t-shirt (it's like a product) on the shop and email the link to to enter.

    How do I know if I won the Freebie Friday?

    We announce the winner on a Tuesday on the Facebook page. Oh, and we'll also email the winner.

    tee shirt

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  6. We're getting rid of our landlines .....well, in a few months.

    We're planning to get rid of our landline numbers soon.

    Why the hell would you do that?

    Well, to be honest, very few people use the land line any more. Most customers are emailing, texting, live chatting, Facebooking or just calling the mobile (0878879582) as it always gets us.

    When are you getting rid of the Allmoto landlines?

    We're not fully decided but probably in a month or soon as everyone knows basically.

    So how do I contact Allmoto now?

    1. Save this number into your mobile - 0878879582.
    2. text or call with your enquiry 0878879582
    3. email us (
    4. use the LiveChat on the bottom of the website (not available on mobile phones)
    5. send us a message on Facebook
    6. Tweet us


    Is Allmoto moving?

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  7. Mega Motorcycle Pics Vol.2

    Another addition to the series - Mega Motorcycle Pics from around the interweb!

    What's your favourite? - comment below.


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  8. 11 must have motorcycle tools

    Years of turning a few spanners and breaking a bunch of bikes has brought to this list of 10 awesome items that every motorcycle toolkit should contain.

    These are the type of motorcycle tools that you'll wonder how you ever maintained your motorcycle without.

    1. The cheapy chain breaker - guard it with your life

    chain breaker

    Here's a fact: I've used a chain breaker a handful of times (on my own bikes) but I must have bought about 20 over the years. If ever there was a highly stolen tool (or one that people break on you) then this is it.

    Massively handy but you need to know how to use it. A motorcycle chain has 2 pins in every link. To NOT break that chain breaker

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  9. Mega Motorcycle Pics Vol.1

    Mega Motorcycle Pics is a new series of blog posts we'll be putting out.

    It could contain bikes, cars, or just anything that we think is plain old MEGA!


    almost makes him look cool - until he talks! almost makes him look cool - until he talks!

    blow-helmet future helmets?


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