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  1. VIDEO: Maddest Trike I've seen.


    Let's start with the facts - I've never quite seen the point of a trike: you can't skip traffic, unlikely to pull a cheeky wheelie, there's no nice banked corners AND you still get wet!

    However, if you do insist on buying or building a trike at least look at this video for some inspiration. In fairness it looks like it's pull a decent 'blackie' away from the lights!


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  2. Guy traveling the world has just had his bike stolen in Dublin

    This just makes me sick. If anyone is around town please keep your eyes open -hopefully this guy gets his wheels back before it's too late.

    (note - original article from Mag Ireland update is available here. They will update as anything develops)

    21 year old Rohan Felmingham from Brisbane in Australia rode his motorcycle 30,000 klm across Russia and Europe only to have it stolen on arrival in Dublin last week.

    The bike, a Yamaha Tenere, was loaded with all of Rohan’s possessions and was stolen last Tuesday while he was sorting out his accommodation having just arrived in the capital.

    This is the third such incident where long distance motorcycle tourers have had their machines stolen in Dublin. In August of last year, American Noah Horak had

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  3. VIDEO: 10 way how NOT to load your motorcycle!

    It's never good to giggle at someone else's misfortune but sometimes it's just too funny.

    Here's a compilation of some ways NOT to load your motorcycle - enjoy!

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  4. Mega Motorcycle Pics Vol.5

    We search the internet and bring you our favourite pics to massage your motorcycle mad eyes.

    Mega Motorcycle Pics Volume 5 - enjoy!


    james stewart and his brother The Stewart brothers (James and Malcolm) scrubbing off some speed.

    big dude on motorcycle Someone needs to visit the clothing section of


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  5. VIDEO: Red Bulls Half Mile Supercross Track is ridiculous

    james stewart and his brother

    This has been doing the rounds online all week and looks so crazy.

    It's just a shame we couldn't see the full length clips to see how much ground Stewart pulls through sections like these.

    With the new format that the Monster Cup ran in (split start gates and a joker lane) all the talk online is about how the 2015 Supercross season might have 'different' special events (mixed in through the regular SX races) - who'd like to see a round of something like this?

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  6. VIDEO: Looks like Robo-Cop is bringing out another bike!

    robo cop on a motorcycle


    Robo Cop is coming back to our screens and he's got a new toy, a bike no less.

    Are you 'Robo-phobic'?

    BTW - I think it'll be February 2014 before it's released.

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