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  1. VIDEO: What is motorcycle ECU flashing?

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    The latest shop bike, a 2015 Yamaha Tracer, has been a dream since we got it but one gripe that has always been there is that the fuelling is snatchy or a bit jumpy at mid throttle, lower RPM.

    It was a known issue on the earlier MT-09 models (sharing same engine) and it is there because of how little fuel Yamaha give these bikes in lower RPM in order to pass emissions regulations - it basically runs lean.

    So to fix this we got the bike over to Gary in

    The video below should explain exactly what is motorcycle ecu flashing.

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  2. VIDEO: What's the Yamaha Tracer like on a trackday?


    I've been looking forward to getting the new Yamaha Tracer out on a trackday. From the day I collected it and realised that it's a lot sportier than it looks I wanted to see how the 3 cylinder motor was on track.

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  3. VIDEO: Givi Tanklock Tank Bag 3D603

    One of Givi's smarter items in the soft luggage range - The Givi Tanklock 4lt Bag (3d603)

    I love these because they work on all tanks (plastic and metal) and don't mark the paintwork.

    I also find it perfect for taking your valuables with you when parking a motorcycle with luggage. I pack mine with passport, driving licence, wallet, keys, glasses. It means that I can walk away from the bike knowing that I have all the high value pieces with me.

    Available for almost any bike but definitely most popular for sports and sports touring models.


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