Meet our Guest Blogger, Road Motorcycle Safety Expert - Aidan Sheehan
Derek here, I should probably briefly introduce Aidan and hopefully the Q+A below will give you a better insight into the man that is Mr Sheehan! Aidan will be guest blogging on the site to provide you, the readers, with knowledge on all things road riding. Aidan is an expert in road safety with 12 years experience in the area.


Aidan Sheehan Motorcycle Safety Expert

So Aidan, Where are you from originally?
I'm from Dublin originally.


Married? Kids? Etc?
I'm happily married, with one son, Aidan Jnr of course!


What did you do before being a rider instructor?
I was in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and decided it was time for a change. I once read that if you can turn your hobbie into your job, then you'll never work another day in your life - so Ridercoach was born!


Where are you based?
I'm based in Dunboyne, Co Meath but I cover training around all test centres, Finglas, Tallaght, Navan, etc. I also offer IBT courses from the County Club(N3), Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.


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What's your current bike?
I'm currently riding a BMW GS1200 - it's amazing.


Past bikes?
Hmmm....Honda Pan European, 600F, Fireblade, SP1, SP2, GTR....


Favourite place to ride?
To date, it has to be the Alps - it's an amazing place and incredibly challenging.


Most unusual bike related story?
Worth a mention is Norway; It's great, the tunnels were over 2 miles long, when you entered the sun was shining, on exiting it was snowing with drifts either side of the road - mad!!


Years as an instructor?
I've been coaching for over 12 years now...and enjoyed every session, met some great people and I particularity love seeing people reach their potential.


So what type/level of riders do you teach?
I coach all levels. I offer IBT training courses. pre-test preparations, AON motorcycle training, Quinn Motorcycle Insurance Assessments, advanced riding and ROSPA preparation.


I also do track training days in Mondello with Bike2Bike, Darren Smith.


Finally, I offer a "Become a Rider Instructor" course for those looking to up-skill or start a new career.


I don't have a bike. Can I rent a bike from you?
Yea, sure I have a 125, 250 and 600 cc bikes that I can rent to people on full and provisional licenses.


How much € generally?
I charge €50 per hour inclusive of VAT. But feel free to contact me for a quotation based on your individual needs.


If you have any topics that you would like Aidan to cover please post them in the comments box below. To contact Aidan you can check him out online here or call him directly on 0862425073  - Derek.