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  1. How to get a full motorcycle licence in Ireland?

    Please note this information was correct at the time of writing (September 2011) since Jan 2013 the regulations have changed slightly.


    How to get a full motorcycle licence in Ireland?

    Aidan Sheehan is our resident guest blogger on all things road safety related. He teaches all levels of riders and you can catch up with him HERE. This week he's here to answer the age old question: how do I get my full motorcycle licence?

    What do I do first to get a motorcycle licence?

    Go to to get your theory test.

    Go to your tax office to arrange your learner permit. Bring your medical rep

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  2. What is Motorcycle IBT (Initial Basic Training)?

    So it's time for guest blogger, Aidan Sheehan to answer a question that I'm always asked and I actually don't know all the answers to - What is this new IBT that everyone is talking about?

    So Aidan, What is Motorcycle IBT?

    IBT stands for Initial Basic Training and, since December 6th 2010, all people looking looking to ride on the public road must complete 4 modules of this training (16 hours). You need to do the IBT before you can apply for your full driving test.

    Do I need my own motorcycle?

    No, you only need your learner permit (previously called provisional licence) to get going. I can hire bikes and gear if you need it.

    How many days does Motorcycle IBT it normally take?

    It can be broken down, or, done back to back depending on your diary.


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  3. Meet our Guest Blogger, Road Motorcycle Safety Expert - Aidan Sheehan

    Derek here, I should probably briefly introduce Aidan and hopefully the Q+A below will give you a better insight into the man that is Mr Sheehan! Aidan will be guest blogging on the site to provide you, the readers, with knowledge on all things road riding. Aidan is an expert in road safety with 12 years experience in the area.


    Aidan Sheehan Motorcycle Safety Expert

    So Aidan, Where are you from originally?
    I'm from Dublin originally.


    Married? Kids? Etc?
    I'm happily married, with one son, Aidan Jnr of course!


    What did you do before being a rider instructor?
    I was in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and decided it was time for a change. I once read that if you can turn your hobbie into your job, then you'll never work another day in your life
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