1. VIDEO: Dublin City Motocross Track

    So, last weekend one of the shop regulars, Robin Watson, had the chance to check out the (relatively) new Dublin City Motocross track. We got to catch up with him to get the low down.

    Robin, What did it cost to ride for the day?
    I had to join the track (€25) for the year but after that it’s only €15 per day you ride.

    Was it open all day?
    Not all day but plenty of time to get the motos in. They were open 10am-2pm which was plenty as there wasn’t too many bikes there.

    The video looks dusty, how was visibility?
    Pretty good actually but this may have been helped by the fact that the number of bikes that day weren't huge.

    What’s the surface like? 
    It’s hard-pack underfoot but they’ve imported a bunch of sand so it’s holding up well. It's a short track but I found it great for getting practice in - there's no rest places on it!

    What bike did you bri

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  2. I just found the KING of backyard motocross tracks.

    Just stumbled across this online. I've seen quite a few sweet backyard motocross tracks (I've even built a few) and this one is top of the leader-board. What's different about this track is the amount of huge airtime this guy is getting - the jumps are whopper - and yet the track is still only 10 foot wide in places!

    What's a backyard motocross track? To me it's a track that, without a gazillion bucks, you could actually-possibly-maybe someday build yourself.

    I don't for a second think this is better than Reeds (or most other AMA pro cribs) tracks but it's still quality looking..........although I'm fairly sure I'd kill myself out there!


    Oh, if you're wondering who the pilot is - it's Julien Lieber. He's a German kid who hit a few of the later World rounds this year (Matterly Basin, Lierop...maybe a few more) with the Rockstar Suzuki crew. He's clean and definitely one to watch.

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  3. Broadford Motocross Track, Westmeath

    Broadford Motocross Track


    Broadford motocross track is open for it's second year now and has just(August 2011) had a massive facelift. It's often referred to as Enfield Motocross Track also.

    The whole track has been raised to help with drainage during the winter. The jumps have been improved and the ground loosened in general: all round a much better track than it was previously.

    The track is owned and run by Jonathan Coughlan and his band of helpers(Robin Mongey and many others!). It's generally open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday but always check out their Facebook page or call him (0877429205) in advance to check opening times.

    They charge only €15 on weekdays and €25 on weekends. Quads aren't currently allowed on open days but the track can be booked in advance for quads if needed.


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  4. Keoghs Motocross Track - Motocross Ireland

    Motocross Ireland

    I sold the CRF250 that I'm riding in this video a week after I shot this video...I still miss the thing. Not a particularly spectacular bike but it suited me perfectly. I got to ride one in Enfield yesterday and it reminded me how much I miss ringing the neck of the little 250f!

    This is an oldie, or at least one year old today! This was Gerardo Kelly, Robin Watson and myself playing about with the video camera at Keoghs. The track isn't open for public use - infact it only gets used a few times a year (houses nearby)!

    Derek Traynor.


    Motocross Ireland

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  5. Doon Motocross Track

    Motocross Track

    Doon Motocross Track (often called Moate Motocross) is located in Westmeath. It's run by the guys from CCM and they do a great job. It's generallyopen 10 times or so per year for practice and normally hosts a few rounds of various championships along with a splattering of endurance events/hare and hounds.

    You'll find more info about the club HERE. You're best place at the minute to find out about upcomming practice or race days is to check You can also catch up with the club on Facebook.

    The surface is hard underneath but they have drawn 100s of tons of sand fr

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  6. Motocross practice track in Tullow Carlow

    So after a broken pelvis (Oct 2010) and a fixed knee(DEC 2010) I decided it was eventually to drag my lazy ass out of the office and back to a track. Sunday morning myself and a few of the regulars headed to 'Toms Farm' in Tullow, Co Carlow. It's a full time motocross practice track, seems to be open any day but I'd call in advance to double check(0876816463).

    You can contact the track owner on Facebook HERE . While you're there don't forget to 'friend' our account HERE.

    They charged €25 for a full day of practice. The track was suitable for beginners but still has doubles, rhythm sections and big table-tops for expert riders. It's exceptionally well looked after. There seems to be some drift car practice going on there too (massive yard attached).

    The video is from Robin Watsons helmet. That's me on the red Honda, number 42, white b

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