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  1. Suzuki RMZ450 for sale in Ireland

    2009 RMZ450 For Sale

    I bought this bike form a good customer who was just getting no use from it and wanted it out of his garage - it was sitting there doing nothing for over 6 months!

    RMZ450 2009 left hand side

    It's an 09 model (confirmed with Suzuki) RMZ450 injection. It doesn't have an hour meter but the casing would indicate extremely low hours.....if I had to guess 10-15 MAX.

    When I got it the exhaust and back mudguard was damaged - I'm guessing a one wheeled mis-adventure. I've fitted a brand new FMF Powercore exhaust and have a new rear fender to go on. The only single fault I can spot

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  2. 2008 YZ125 dirt bike for sale

    Dirt Bike For Sale - NOW SOLD

    OK, first things first, this is a bike owned by a good friend of mine, Keith Clarke. I generally don't bother getting involved in helping people selling motocross bikes, for loads of reasons, but mostly because we always have too much to do in the office!! You're probably wondering why I'm advertising his bike and the reason is simple - he begged and begged and begged:) Eventually I cracked, grumbled a lot and now I'm typing this post!


    Yz125 2008
    In all its glory - the ring-ding-aling beast!

    He bought the bike from Ciaran Hayes in Megabikes(his

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