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Now heading towards Round 3, MotoGP 2012 is a changed landscape. So far the new regulation changes that have been introduced have gone some way towards making the racing slightly more exciting for its viewers.

Dwindling grid numbers over the last few years combined with near total dominance by just a couple of teams was steering the sport towards a rather dull existence. Fans, and more importantly for DORNA, viewers demanded change.

So for 2012 the Grand Prix Commission (MotoGP’s rule making group) decided to introduce a raft of changes aimed at increasing not just numbers on the grid but also some excitement.

MotoGP 2012 engine size increase to 1000cc

Increase in engine capacity from 800 to 1,000cc and engines no greater than four cylinder. Originally engine sizes were decreased to 800cc in an attempt to slow the bikes down - yet in pre-season testing that year the bikes were already a

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