1. Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

    "...I couldn't and wouldn't do anything else...I have tried..."


    A great video with a real personality. He reminds me of the proper old schooler mechanic, musty smell of oil off him but a nice that I think of it I actually had a great-uncle just like this guy. He reminds me a bit of Don Emler(FMF founder).

    I will say this though, there's something to respect about people like this.

    This guy just doesn't care about the latest "anodised jooblie roller sprocket anti lag exhaust packing"....he knows what he likes and that is old vintage motorcycles.


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  2. Cafe Racer Video

    I really like the rawness of this video. No crazy music. No crazy stunts. Just a knarly (yes - I still say knarly...I know:) bike perfectly edited. Enjoy


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  3. Tribute to Classic Motorcycle Racing Video

    Classic Motorcycle Video.

    There's something really cool about this video. I hope in 30-40 I'll still be putting in the laps that these old timers can. Enjoy.

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