We're back racing in 2018!


So, why start an Irish motocross team?

Having raced for almost 10 years I know how hard it can be to get support, especially the kind of help that’s needed to keep you motivated for a full season - the team seemed the perfect way to provide this for local riders who are putting 100% into their racing effort.

In the past I ran a casual setup where I helped a few riders on a less formal basis but, at times, I wasn’t fully happy with it. Starting a full team effort was on mind for the last few years but life events kept getting in the way; injuries, wedding, business, house, etc!

However, this year it just seemed to make sense; I wanted to get more involved in moto again, I felt like I could make the time to do it properly, Yamaha Ireland (Danfay) were keen to get a presence, and Stephen Mullally was in search of a ride. Everything seemed to fall into place nicely - so here we are!

Who are the Allmoto-Yamaha Motocross Team riders?

Stephen Mullally, Kildare, #50

  • Grade A, Yamaha YZ450F
  • Steve has been racing solid for almost 20 years (sorry if I just aged you Steve!). He’s a Kildare man full of determination. After finishing regularly in the top 5 in 2017 we’re aiming to see him a regular podium guy in 2018. He’s already brought home a win at Birdhill (Southern) 3rd overall in Clonroche (Irish) so everything is on track.

stephen mullally morocross


Stephen Tracey, Dublin,  #24

  • Grade A, Yamaha YZ250F
  • Dubliner, Stephen Tracey was recently promoted up to the Grade A class having finished 3rd in the 2017 Grade B championship. He’s in with the mix with the fast lads now and it’ll be interesting to watch how he does this year.

stephen tracy motocross

Jack ‘Attack’ Whearty, Meath, #476

  • Grade C, Yamaha YZ250F
  • Jacks coming off a few impressive seasons on the grass track scene (having taken the 2017 championship) and is looking to move into motocross. He’s got great starts and corner speed - once he gets his head around the jumps he’ll be flying!

jack whearty motocross


Ciaran Gleeson, Meath, #204

  • Grade C, KX250F
  • Ciaran is a guy we’ve been helping for a few years now and has shown serious commitment. He’s got some work to do to start creeping into the top 5 this year but it’s definitely within his reach for this season.

ciaran gleeson mx

What’s the plan for the year?

We're running the Allmoto.ie Team Van to all the rounds of the Irish and Southern Motocross Championships. We’ll also attend a few of the other popular non-championship events: Moate Circus, Dublin City SX, Gormanstown 100 miler, etc.

In total we’ll attend roughly 20 race days so, if you see us about, pop over and say hello.

Who’s helping behind the scenes?

I’ve intentionally kept the ask for support close to home initially. The idea for this year is to see what we can do, prove ourselves in a sense, and, see where we can take it next year.

Current team sponsors are:

  1. Danfay Yamaha - the Irish Yamaha distributor have always been keen supporters of motorcycle racing. It’s a few years since they’ve been involved in motocross but were really keen when they heard the Allmoto team plans. 

  2. Keoghs Crisps - Derek Keogh had raced an Allmoto bike about 10 years ago and the entire family are bike fans. They are a great business success story - check them out online. It’s safe to say the van’s always fully stocked with crisps!

  3. Des Kelly Interiors - Gerardo (another ex-Allmoto rider) in Des Kelly’s hooked up the race van with a fit out. It’s made the long days a bit more comfortable and gives the whole race-van a professional feel.

  4. Amos Solutions - Construction Performance Management. If you’re a construction business who needs to find efficiencies in their systems and data - you need to be talking to Amos. www.amos.ie
  5. Megabikes.ie  – Irelands premier motorcycle store, based in Dublin’s city center with one of, if not, the largest range of stock in the country; new and used motorcycles, clothing, parts and accessories.

If you are interested in being involved - get in touch!

Where can I keep up to date with the team efforts?

  1. Instagram - We’ve been doing race day Insta-story updates via the @MegabikesDublin Instagram account (little know fact - Megabikes and Allmoto is the same business!). 

  2. Facebook - follow the Allmoto and Megabikes Facebook pages

  3. Email - yep, we still send out emails with the latest news!