The Worlds Most Advanced Motorcycle Helmet - the Skully AR-1
The Worlds Most Advanced Motorcycle Helmet - the Skully AR-1
Have a look at an AGV from 10 years ago, or a Shoei, or an Arai - now look at the latest one in your local dealer....they're (for the most part) the same offering. There's very few items that have advanced as little as motorcycle helmets in my opinion.

Eventually here's someone planning to move the bar in motorcycle helmet functionality.

It makes me think - where will this all go? Imaging if Google glass technology and big data make it into our could pre-alert us to oncoming potential accidents, provide geo-located touring data, identify where we're losing milli-seconds on a race track......

Nine hours use per charge, rear view camera, GPS, Music, mobile, a heads up display, and most importantly a platform that can be extended upon in future (the platform if being made available to developers (according to techy site BGR).


It's costing $1399 (roughly €1000).

The project went out for crowd sourcing a few days ago. It needed to raise $250,000 by September 9th. It raised $800,000 in its first day!

At the time of type it has raised $1.3m - you can see the crowd source project here.
You can learn more about them at .

We don't sell these at Allmoto - yet!

The visor can be toggled from clear to tint by the rider! The visor can be toggled from clear to tint by the rider!


  1. Lightweight, aerodynamic polycarbonate shell
  2. Ultra wide angle rearview camera
  3. DOT/ECE safety certification
  4. SKULLY anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare E-Tint(R) visor
  5. SKULLY Synapse(TM) Vision Enhancement - shows true-to-life imaging of rearview panorama
  6. Audio/Visual GPS Navigation
  7. SKULLY Synapse(TM) Smart Heads up Display System with infinite focus
  8. SKULLY quick release chin strap and visor
  9. 3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit
  10. Outlast(R) lining - reduces perspiration by 70%
  11. Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone
  12. Internet connectivity via smartphone
  13. Over-the-air updates - download new features as they are released
  14. Open SDK - develop your own apps for SKULLY Synapse(TM)

Theres 2 colours - nice and simple! Theres 2 colours - nice and simple!