Kriega Stash Travel Wallet/Organizer

Kriega Stash Travel Wallet/Organizer

Kriega Haul Loop - Rear

Kriega Haul Loop - Rear
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Rear fender straps are essential equipment for extreme enduro events.
Kriega's unique design is a self supporting/semi-rigid solution, which is always easy to find and use.


The fitting methods for the rear Haul Loop are more varied than for the front Haul Loop. The basic requirement is to get the strap around the rear sub-frame as easily as possible. Some applications may require the rear or side panels to be cut to allow the web to exit in the correct manner (holes in the fender plastic are best formed by a soldering iron) NB - KTM EXC fitment is actually to the black plastic grab areas under the fender (slightly back from the end of the actual subframe).

Semi-rigid design
Universal fit (rear only)
Ultra-tough construction
HYPALON: abrasion resistant re-enforcement
TOUGHTEK - grips wet or dry
Stainless steel buckles

150 Grams
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