Payments and Returns

So, how do I pay for my order?

  1. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Laser, American Express and almost all other popular cards. Our online payments are handled by Realex, one of the worlds most secure payment providers. Your card details are secure throughout the whole transaction.
  2. You can pay by PayPal at checkout also.
  3. We also accept cheque and postal order. If you decide to go with this payment please make it payable to 'Allmoto'. On of the snags using this payment is we must wait until it clears with our bank and this might delay your order a few days. We'll keep you updates if there is any delay.
  4. We also accept 'top-up' credit cards. These cards can by topped up in most newsagents. There's a lot of different types available but the most popular is probably 3V. They work exactly the same as a Visa so once they have credit you can buy on they site like normal.
  5. We also accept the One4All vouchers. Details of these can be found here. These also work like a credit card in store only.

Pricing & Descriptions

All prices on our website are including VAT applicable in Ireland.

If you have ordered a product that is erroneously described or priced, we will contact you prior to delivery to advise you of the correct details. You may choose to cancel your order if you are unhappy receiving the product with the correct description and price.

If for any reason a product sale has gone through the site at an incorrect price we will contact you to explain and, where required, offer you a full refund to the card used for payment.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time. However we will never charge you anything more than you process on the website without contacting you in the first place. As it happens we never even get sight of your card details as the are securely handled by Realex!

So what's the Allmoto returns policy?

Technically, if you have ordered a wrong part, we are entitled to ask you to return it to the Allmoto offices as new, and, we charge you a re-stocking charge of up to 25%….plus the outgoing shipping charge we incurred when we sent you the part.

However, in most cases, we try to be sensible about it.

If it's an item that we are likely to resell at some point we'll normally just ask you to cover return shipping costs and we'll stock it - however this is at our discretion for parts that we feel that we have some chance of ever selling again.

To explain why we would need a restocking charge on non-stock parts: we (Allmoto) have incurred an incoming shipping charge, a shipping charge to get it to you AND another shipping charge to get it back to the suppliers….after this the supplier will hit us with a restocking charge.

But I asked for the correct part and you sent me the wrong one!!

Well that's completely different and if this has happened we apologize.

We try our best to get the parts right 100% of the time.

If we have supplied an incorrect part we fully refund any money including the return postage (and we normally give you some extra discount if we've messed up to keep you a happy customer:) .

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my returns?