Renthal Road Bike Grip

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These Renthal grips will fit any motorcycle (not quad). The Renthal grips are slightly larger internal diameter on the right hand side so that it fits over the throttle tube. This is the reason that they won't fit the quad as it has no throttle tube.

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What's the difference between a road grip and an offroad bike grip? Well the rubber is identical. The ends of the offroad grips are closed so ther would require a cut to fit bar end weights or handguards. The road bike grips have open ends. The inner donut is larger on the offorad grips. This is to stop you hand sliding off the grip in motocross conditions. Some people like this for the road also though. In short - you can fit any grips on and bike. Why is there 3 different patterns of Renthal Grip? Single Compound Renthal single compound grips are available in 3 different patterns. Each pattern is available in 3 slightly different rubber compounds: soft, medium and hard. The 3 patterns (diamond, 50/50 and full waffle) refer to the style of pattern on the grip where you hold it. The image shown displays the 50/50 grip (half waffle, half diamond grip) on the left and the 'full waffle' on the right. The full waffle is the most suitable for really muddy conditions due to the thick thread. The full diamond grip is not pictured here but is basically a grip with no waffle pattern. The Renthal full diamond pattern is Renthals skinniest grip and great for people with smaller hands. What is the difference in the rubber in Renthal Grips? With compounds of rubber: the soft grip is extremely soft, it gives you a very comfortable ride, great feel and reduces the chance of blisters. However, because the grip is so soft it wears quickly. The medium is a compromise between the two. Hard .....well you get the idea. Oh, the soft grip comes in a light grey rubber, the medium in a dark grey and the hard Renthal grips are almost black