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  1. Risk Racing Holeshot Start Gate

    For anyone serious about their racing, you'll already know that the start line is such an important element to your motocross race. To use a well abused quote: "It's the only time you can pass every rider in one corner".

    Without a real gate there's no way you could ever tune in your reaction times properly. These gates are used by almost all the professional riders and any amateur that you regularly see get good starts probably has one too!

    It amused me sometimes with the amount of graphics, plastics and other parts we sell which will never a make a difference to your results - these start gates will be the cheapest improvement you'll ever receive whilst racing.

    If you decide to make the purchase you can find them HERE.



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  2. Motocross practice track in Tullow Carlow

    So after a broken pelvis (Oct 2010) and a fixed knee(DEC 2010) I decided it was eventually to drag my lazy ass out of the office and back to a track. Sunday morning myself and a few of the regulars headed to 'Toms Farm' in Tullow, Co Carlow. It's a full time motocross practice track, seems to be open any day but I'd call in advance to double check(0876816463).

    You can contact the track owner on Facebook HERE . While you're there don't forget to 'friend' our account HERE.

    They charged €25 for a full day of practice. The track was suitable for beginners but still has doubles, rhythm sections and big table-tops for expert riders. It's exceptionally well looked after. There seems to be some drift car practice going on there too (massive yard attached).

    The video is from Robin Watsons helmet. That's me on the red Honda, number 42, white b

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  3. How to change a motorcycle clutch.

    This video will explain how to change a motocross clutch. Doing a road motorcycle clutch is almost exactly the same, except the cover you remove may be slightly bigger.

    You can find clutch plates for sale HERE


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  4. How to re-pack your motocross or road bike exhaust.

    Repacking your motocross exhaust or road exhaust is important for a number of reasons: performance, reliability and most importantly - keeping out tracks open.

    You can find exhaust packking HERE and sealing silicone HERE

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  5. How to set-up your MX rear suspension sag.

    Setting your race sag will bring your bike into balance to deal with the bumps and jumps. It's the first and most important thing you need to do before making any other adjustments to your suspension.

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  6. How To Clean a Motocross Air Filter

    I absolutely love this stuff, no more poisonous liquids to eat into your hands. I've also never seen a air filter oil to filter as consistently.

    Most of the other brands seem to be copying this product but this is the original biodegradable motocross air filter oil.

    For oils and cleaners click HERE and for air filters click HERE

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  7. How to change a MX tyre.

    Hateful job but we've all gotta do it at some point!

    If you need any of the items in the video above you can find all below by clicking on them:


    -Tyre Levers

    -Rim Locks



    -Tyre Lube

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