1. Cheap Motocross Plastics - Clearance Sale

    Cheap Motocross Plastics - Clearance Sale

    We've been cleaning up more around the stores and have lots of loose plastics that we're not going to stock any more - so it's cheap motocross plastics for you! In future I plan on just keeping complete kits on the shelf as that's what most people want and individual items are really hard to store.

    All of the items below are being sold around, and in some cases, slightly below cost. It might seem like I'm going mad doing this but it makes sense to free up the space and to re-invest the capital in stock that sells more often. Either way if there's something you need on the list you'll be getting a great deal!

    These items aren't available to buy off the site at these prices but just call or email me and i'll hook up the clearance prices.

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  2. Why I Gave Up Selling OEM Motorcycle Parts

    Motorcycle Parts

    This is a pure rant, expect no more, don't read on unless you're completely bored and/or work in the motor trade.


    Firstly, to explain, OEM parts stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. These are parts which are made by the bike manufacturers: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM etc.


    There's a number of parts which are only available from the manufacturers. These are normally the parts which are unlikely to brake and therefor it's not worth the effort for another company to make them. These parts are mostly gearbox, special bearings, enging casings, frames, kickstarts, special general parts that aren't 'wear and tear' items.

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  3. Motorcycle Roadtrip Ireland - "There R no more roads!"

    Motorcycle Roadtrip Ireland

    I recently (July Bank Holiday Weekend 2011) completed a monster weekend roadtrip around the bottom half of Ireland. Over the 3 days we covered roughly 120o kms and it made me realise that some of the best biking roads, anywhere, can be found along the southern coastline.

    I'm disgusted I left my GoPro helmet camera at home as the roads are simply unbelievable...smooth clean tar, along the coast, sweeping from side to side with minimal traffic, even for a busy weekend. If you've never seen this part of the country - just DO IT.

    To give some background to what was dictating our route check out this link. This is a great idea whereby you get a map at the beginning of the year, 30 or so historic destinations, sparsely dotted across Ireland. The idea is to get your bike to each location and take a photo, hence

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  4. How to check the age of your bike - Motorcycle VIN Number.

    How to year check a motorcycle frame or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

    I get SO many calls from customers wondering what year their motocross bike was made in that I felt it deserved a blog post.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of 'chancers' out there selling their bikes to unsuspecting people as much newer than they actually are. I feel terrible for people as I sometimes deliver the news that the CRF which they believed was an 08 is actually an 04, or sometimes worse.

    Where is my frame number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) located on my motorcycle?

    On every bike I've ever come across the frame number is located to the right hand side of the headstock tube. This is the tube of steel at the front of any motorcycle where the fork clamps bolts through. The frame number/VIN is ALWAYS stamped deep into the frame.

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  5. What 125 Motocross Bike To Buy?

    So You Want To Buy A 125 Motocross Bike?

    So you're in the market or a used 125 motocross bike - what should I buy?

    Well the truth is, these days, there's not really a bad one just some are slightly better in areas. Just incase you're unaware...and I won't repeat this...STAY AWAY FROM THE CHINESE BRANDS.

    Now that we have that out of the way, what you want to look at is Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM and maybe, and a big MAYBE, TM.

    So why would you want to buy a 125 motocross bike? For LOADS of reason:

    • they're light.
    • they're easy to start.
    • they're cheap to buy (although actually appreciating due to scarcity).
    • they develop great riding style - you always know when someone has served their time on a 125.
    • they're an absolute hoot to ride whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.
    • they're relatively cheap to maintain.
    • they come with a certain
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  6. Motocross Clearance Stock - Parts and Clothing Stocklist

    Motocross Clearance Stock

    Ok, firstly let me explain how this list ever came about: we had a power cut recently and had literally NOTHING to do (try running an online business without electricity:) we decided to do a spring clean and found LOADS of stuff that we never even knew we had.

    All of this stock is perfect, all new, some of it we have from customer orders uncollected, some old stock, wrong parts, whatever, either way it's no use to me so I'm clearing it all below cost price - get it while you can.

    Oh, another thing, as we can't replace

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