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  1. 5 Great Gift Ideas for your Biker this Christmas

    Need help picking a gift for your biker this Christmas? Why not get in touch and we'll suggest a few good options:

    1. email us -
    2. call the shop on 01-4784200

    What's our opening hours for Xmas?

    1. December 23rd 9am-6pm
    2. December 24th 9am-2pm
    3. Dec 25th - Jan 2nd CLOSED
    4. Back open from Jan 3rd as usual


    It's almost here so we thought you'd like to know what's selling for gifts this year. In no particular order here's the top sellers so for this year:


    The Step Up Motocross Stand for €49.50

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  2. VIDEO: Givi Tanklock Tank Bag 3D603

    One of Givi's smarter items in the soft luggage range - The Givi Tanklock 4lt Bag (3d603)

    I love these because they work on all tanks (plastic and metal) and don't mark the paintwork.

    I also find it perfect for taking your valuables with you when parking a motorcycle with luggage. I pack mine with passport, driving licence, wallet, keys, glasses. It means that I can walk away from the bike knowing that I have all the high value pieces with me.

    Available for almost any bike but definitely most popular for sports and sports touring models.


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  3. VIDEO: Yamaha Tracer - Derek's Opinion

    I've been riding the Yamaha Tracer for a few weeks now so about time for a first impressions video - enjoy!



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  4. Staff Opinions - KTM SMT990

    So, the KTM SMT990 been around for a week or so now and I'm still a happy chappy.

    If you want to see all the pics check them out here.

    ktm smt carbon exhaust

    Last week we put a shout out (on our Facebook page) for any questions you guys might have. I'll cover them one by one.......starting with the most commonly asked.

    Can it wheelie 'mister?

    Yes, it'll power wheelie-ing in second gear, clutching in third. It's not particularly easy to launch IMO.

    How fast does it go'mister?

    130mph (apparently:)

    At cruising speed the

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  5. What Scala Rider kit should I get? (Comparison Chart)


    scala rider part2

    You can check out our Scala Rider items here

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  6. GoPro Hero 3 Arrives at Allmoto

    We've been working on getting the new GoPro Hero 3 listed on the site you can find them all here


    This time GoPro have 3 different models White Edition, Silver

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  7. Product Review - Engine Ice

    This is the coolant that I've always ran in my own bikes. It's a tricky product to proove that it's 'better' as you can't really 'see' the results. All I know is that I've never blown up a bike with Engine Ice in it.

    You can find Engine Ice for sale here.




    engine ice

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  8. Motocross Tips - Rekluse Clutch

    Ever wondered what a Rekluse clutch is? Hopefully this video helps you out.

    Can I use a Rekluse clutch like a standard clutch by pulling the lever in to raise the RPM?

    Yes it works exactly like a old school clutch if you want. You can do everything that you currently do with a standard clutch.

    On the CRF450 I never felt the need to flick the clutch coming out of corners as it has the power to pull 3rd and 4th. The 450 can even pull 3rd and 4th from a standstill. I'd imagine on a smaller bike, like a 250f or 125, that you will still flick the clutch lever to cary tall gears out of corners.

    How long did it take to fit the Rekluse Clutch to the Honda CRF450?

    No lies - it took literally 5 minutes! Granted, I've changed a lot of clutches in the past, but it's still the most straight forward performance part I've ever used.

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  9. The difference between Boxes: Givi Monokey and Monolock cases.

    Givi box : Monolock or monokey - huh?

    For some reason they have decided to created two different types of Givi Box, the Givi Monokey range and the Givi Monolock range. Let's look at the main differences, slight as they are:


    Monolock Range Monokey Range
    • Less expensive.
    • More expensive.
    • Max designed load 3kg.
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    • Risk Racing Holeshot Start Gate

      For anyone serious about their racing, you'll already know that the start line is such an important element to your motocross race. To use a well abused quote: "It's the only time you can pass every rider in one corner".

      Without a real gate there's no way you could ever tune in your reaction times properly. These gates are used by almost all the professional riders and any amateur that you regularly see get good starts probably has one too!

      It amused me sometimes with the amount of graphics, plastics and other parts we sell which will never a make a difference to your results - these start gates will be the cheapest improvement you'll ever receive whilst racing.

      If you decide to make the purchase you can find them HERE.



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