Derek's Rants

  1. The End for Allmoto??

    So, it's been a year of mixed emotions business wise.


    I'm approaching 10 years in business with Allmoto and it's been a roller-coaster.


    Over this time we've built and released 4 different web platforms, 2 different ERP systems, processed over 10000 orders, attended 100s of different bikes races and events, ridden plenty of bikes, crashed a few more and enjoyed literally every moment (ok...... maybe not the paperwork but you get the idea!).


    I was also lucky to have 2 essential people to help manage operations during this time, Amy and Erik!


    Oh, and of course, my understanding other half Aislinn!!


    The last few years have been difficult, the recession was difficult - to say the least!


    the end
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  2. 4 Months Later - How's the Yamaha Tracer MT 09?

    4 month tl

    So after 4 months and 6000kms I thought it was a good time for an overview of how the Tracer has been.

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  3. VIDEO: What's the Yamaha Tracer like on a trackday?


    I've been looking forward to getting the new Yamaha Tracer out on a trackday. From the day I collected it and realised that it's a lot sportier than it looks I wanted to see how the 3 cylinder motor was on track.

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  4. Derek's KTM SMT990 For Sale

    It's a sad day.....a really sad day. I'm heading to get my ankle operated on for the n-th time and I don't want the KTM sitting there teasing me while I'm on crutches.

    Note - The bike is available from August 8th and no sooner (I have one last trip planned to Cork/Kerry). I will take a deposit to hold it.

    it's at this point I was glab for packing my winter gloves

    I got this bike about 18 months ago. I bought it in Scotland (it was the exact spec I wanted). I brought her home....I thought for ever ....*crying*.....but now the time has come.......

    Here's the spec:

    • 2011 Irish registration
    • 12.5k miles
    • KTM box pannier kit (with water bladder)
    • KTM 45lt back box (fits 2 helmets)
    • KTM bash plate
    • KTM frame guards
    • KTM handguards
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  5. I'm a road bike guy who wants to try motocross - tell me what I need to know!

    A friend messaged me the other day a question that I always get:

    Hey Derek, I now have the urge to get into off-road / motocross but haven't the first clue where to start!

    Big enough lad as you know, so bike size to get?

    What's the best option a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    Where to go for a bike or even how to look over an MX bike?

    What sort of budget needed for gear to get you going? Where to start on track?


    So here goes!

    So the first question that'll always come to mind is 2 or 4 stroke. First let's take a look at the pros and cons:

    Two stroke Pros

    1. they sound and smell great
    2. track credibility level goes sky high - even if you're a goon
    3. power delivery is addictive (this is also a con)
    4. you will get away with poor maintenance
    5. if you buy a good clean one and look after it it's unlikely that you'll lose any value - in fact they are appreciating
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  6. The Allmoto Motorcycle Road Trip - Europe 2014

    So we just got back from a great motorcycle road trip around Central Europe. Here's the pics and details.

    Enjoy, Derek.

    PS all the pics are at the very bottom of the page.



    So, Where did you go?

    Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and back through Germany for the final leg. It's an epic route.

    If you want the Google Map to this route you'll find it here.

    How much riding is that?

    We did exactly 1993 kilometres (yes, we thought about driving around

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  7. Larger Than Life - California Motorcycle Road Trip

    motorcycle coast road california

    I'm just finished one of the bucket lists ticks - touring a bike around America - and I'm a happy man.

    Let me start this by stating a clear fact: there nothing cooler feeling that tearing out of Huntington Beach, blonde on the pillion, sea to your left and the sun to your right, on an America road trip!

    What route did you take?

    I had a few days work to do in Anaheim (in another life I also wear a geeky hat in a higher education tech company).

    And as soon as it was finished the missus flew in to spend a few days near Disney (yes..I went to Disney!), the road trip up along the coast and then spent 4 days in San Fran. We also went a bit north of San Fran up to Napa Valley.

    motorcycle roadtrip route california
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  8. What are you're biking plans this summer?

    I've been busy planning the summer adventures this year. I've noticed that it can be tricky to get bike trip info. Real, up-to-date info, travelling from Ireland.

    I'm looking to make a new section on the website for 'Roadtrip Adventures' . Hopefully it will act as a starting point for other people to make their two wheel plans. 

    It should have a mix of trips I've done myself and ones that some contributors (like you) have done; both off-road and road bike.

    Here's where you come in - if you're planning a trip this summer and fancy sharing the plan/costs/pics - let me know.

    Whether it's tips for attending a BSB, Harley-ing the States, sports biking the Alps, IOM TT or hitting MX tracks in Belgium - keep me posted.

    You don't need to be an expert writer. In fact, if you don't fancy writing it up just call or email me with the details and I'll write it up. If you want to remain ano

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  9. Funniest Honda CR500 advertisement I've read

    honda cr500 ireland

    I got sent this link from one of the followers of the Allmoto Facebook page. The bike is up for sale on Craigslist.

    The owner of this CR500 clearly knows who his market offering is going to appeal to - people with a sense of humour. Anyway below is the exact ad written by the owner himself.


    OK, let me start off by saying this CR500af is only available for purchase by the manliest of men (or women). 

    If you wear white framed sun glasses or jeans with fancy pockets. . .get lost.
    If you're a spode that likes to ride down grass filled ditches in shorts and flip flops. . .don't waste my time.
    If your greatest talent is doing 3-foot long pop wheelies in front of your hillbilly friends in your cousin's back yard while

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  10. Guy traveling the world has just had his bike stolen in Dublin

    This just makes me sick. If anyone is around town please keep your eyes open -hopefully this guy gets his wheels back before it's too late.

    (note - original article from Mag Ireland update is available here. They will update as anything develops)

    21 year old Rohan Felmingham from Brisbane in Australia rode his motorcycle 30,000 klm across Russia and Europe only to have it stolen on arrival in Dublin last week.

    The bike, a Yamaha Tenere, was loaded with all of Rohan’s possessions and was stolen last Tuesday while he was sorting out his accommodation having just arrived in the capital.

    This is the third such incident where long distance motorcycle tourers have had their machines stolen in Dublin. In August of last year, American Noah Horak had

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