Irish Roads

  1. Explained: Motorcycle Learner Permit Ireland

    Everything you need to know about the motorcycle learner permit in Ireland

    The rules of the road and especially the road regulations are getting more complex recently and I'm finding that there's a lot of mis-understandings out there with our customers.

    motorcycle learner permit ireland So, you want one of these eh? Then read on.

    I'm constantly getting asked about the motorcycle learner permit (previously known as the provisional licence) in Ireland so I thought I type out the facts:

    1. you must pass a theory test BEFORE you can get a learner permit
    2. you must have a learner permit (provisional motorcycle licence) before you can ride a motorcycle on
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  2. Irish Motorcycle Photo Rally 2013 for mobile devices

    I've been doing parts of the Irish Photo Rally for the last 2-3 years (although I've never actually entered it!).

    I always struggle viewing the official map on my mobile (iphone, ipad, android, etc) so I've stuck together this mobile friendly version of the map. The official page is here.

    What is the Irish Motorcycle Photo Rally?

    It's an annual fun event where there a bunch of locations around the country. The idea is to hit each one and grab a snap/video/whatever. At the year end you can submit an entry and the organisers decide winners for all sorts of categories.

    How long do I have to complete the Photo Rally?

    As long as you want really. The organisers launch the route in Feb and it runs until November. You can do it in a week, month or more.

    I've known

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  3. Isle Of Man 2012

    Holy smokes it's come around again - frightening how the year flies in!


    Isle Of Man TT is on May 26th - June 8th 2012. You can catch all the latest info over at the Isle Of Man 2012 website.


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  4. Motorcycle Ireland Roadtrip August - The Achill Fiasco!

    Motorcycle Ireland

    I always wondered why the hell people go to the west of's's far's sparsely populated ....the list goes on. However this last weekend I'll admit - my eyes were opened.

    A few weeks ago I covered the south of the country on the roadbike and I was getting the urge to go for another long spin ever since. Infact, I don't think I even rode the bike since. Short runs seem somewhat of a waste of time now that I've put some miles up this summer. The quick squirts into town for a coffee and a pose seem mindest has changed, a spin REALLY isn't a spin without a ferry crossing. Where I has headed this weekend didn't have a ferry so we were going to have to be imaginative.

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  5. Motorcycle Roadtrip Ireland - "There R no more roads!"

    Motorcycle Roadtrip Ireland

    I recently (July Bank Holiday Weekend 2011) completed a monster weekend roadtrip around the bottom half of Ireland. Over the 3 days we covered roughly 120o kms and it made me realise that some of the best biking roads, anywhere, can be found along the southern coastline.

    I'm disgusted I left my GoPro helmet camera at home as the roads are simply unbelievable...smooth clean tar, along the coast, sweeping from side to side with minimal traffic, even for a busy weekend. If you've never seen this part of the country - just DO IT.

    To give some background to what was dictating our route check out this link. This is a great idea whereby you get a map at the beginning of the year, 30 or so historic destinations, sparsely dotted across Ireland. The idea is to get your bike to each location and take a photo, hence

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  6. The Wicklow Gap Motorcycle Video with GoPro Helmet Camera Footage

    The Wicklow Gap Motorcycle Video

    This is a great motorcycle spin from Hollyhead to Laragh in Wicklow.

    • Take the N81 out of Dubin (also a good road for a spin).

      The road is generally in adverage to good condition but the layout is excellent - windy mountain roads!
    • Straight through Blessington.
    • At Hollywood turn left at an Emo garage.
    • Enjoy the next 25kms of the Wicklow Gap to Laragh.


    In Laragh there's a few cafes and pubs which are all biker friendly. It's a really popular spot year round as most roads in and out of it are fairly enjoyable.

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