Monthly Archives: September 2011

  1. Cafe Racer Video

    I really like the rawness of this video. No crazy music. No crazy stunts. Just a knarly (yes - I still say knarly...I know:) bike perfectly edited. Enjoy


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  2. Tribute to Classic Motorcycle Racing Video

    Classic Motorcycle Video.

    There's something really cool about this video. I hope in 30-40 I'll still be putting in the laps that these old timers can. Enjoy.

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  3. MX Des Nations 2011 Full Races

    What a weekend - an awesome MX des Nations 2011 with Ireland getting into the A final. Great to see it and fair play to the lads, Stuart Edmonds, Martin Barr and Richard Bird.



    MX des Nations 2011

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  4. Motorcycle Ireland Roadtrip August - The Achill Fiasco!

    Motorcycle Ireland

    I always wondered why the hell people go to the west of's's far's sparsely populated ....the list goes on. However this last weekend I'll admit - my eyes were opened.

    A few weeks ago I covered the south of the country on the roadbike and I was getting the urge to go for another long spin ever since. Infact, I don't think I even rode the bike since. Short runs seem somewhat of a waste of time now that I've put some miles up this summer. The quick squirts into town for a coffee and a pose seem mindest has changed, a spin REALLY isn't a spin without a ferry crossing. Where I has headed this weekend didn't have a ferry so we were going to have to be imaginative.

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  5. How to get a full motorcycle licence in Ireland?

    Please note this information was correct at the time of writing (September 2011) since Jan 2013 the regulations have changed slightly.


    How to get a full motorcycle licence in Ireland?

    Aidan Sheehan is our resident guest blogger on all things road safety related. He teaches all levels of riders and you can catch up with him HERE. This week he's here to answer the age old question: how do I get my full motorcycle licence?

    What do I do first to get a motorcycle licence?

    Go to to get your theory test.

    Go to your tax office to arrange your learner permit. Bring your medical rep

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