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  1. Allmoto New Shop Open Day - Saturday and Sunday 2-3 August



    I've got some great news - I'm delighted to announce that Allmoto has moved to a new premises! It's bigger, easier to get to, and beside a garage with the best whippy ice-cream in the land! For directions click here.

    We're having an opening weekend, this weekend, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August, both days 10am-6pm.

    Here's 6 reasons you should pop in this weekend:

    1. free Allmoto t-shirts for the first 10 people each day!
    2. free goodie bag for everyone who drops in
    3. MX vs ATV game challenge - fastest lap wins
    4. Free Road Riding assessment
    5. Tyre Changing competition - win free tyres!
    6. Rowing Competition - Fastest 500m wins a helmet!


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  2. Derek's KTM SMT990 For Sale

    It's a sad day.....a really sad day. I'm heading to get my ankle operated on for the n-th time and I don't want the KTM sitting there teasing me while I'm on crutches.

    Note - The bike is available from August 8th and no sooner (I have one last trip planned to Cork/Kerry). I will take a deposit to hold it.

    it's at this point I was glab for packing my winter gloves

    I got this bike about 18 months ago. I bought it in Scotland (it was the exact spec I wanted). I brought her home....I thought for ever ....*crying*.....but now the time has come.......

    Here's the spec:

    • 2011 Irish registration
    • 12.5k miles
    • KTM box pannier kit (with water bladder)
    • KTM 45lt back box (fits 2 helmets)
    • KTM bash plate
    • KTM frame guards
    • KTM handguards
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  3. VIDEO: On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

    ducati supermoto doing a huge drift through corner In 1971, Bruce Brown released the first timeless classic, 'On Any Sunday'. If you haven't seen it you're missing a bit of motorcycle heritage.

    But now, 43 years later his son, Dana Brown is going to bring us the latest modern take on his fathers masterpiece.

    This is the trailer as the movie is getting released shortly by Red Bull (no less!). Enjoy, Derek.


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  4. VIDEO: The King of Selfies has arrived - the motorcycle selfie that took 3 years!

    motorcycle selfie

    3 years, 36 countries, 5 motorcycles, 125946 miles driven - WOW!

    Ok, this guy have just taken the motorcycle selfie to a whole new level. In fact, he must have started even before the selfie was the craze that it is today.

    He's a serious dude and if you want to see more about this guys (Alex Chacon) travels you can check out his stuff at the following links:


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  5. I'm a road bike guy who wants to try motocross - tell me what I need to know!

    A friend messaged me the other day a question that I always get:

    Hey Derek, I now have the urge to get into off-road / motocross but haven't the first clue where to start!

    Big enough lad as you know, so bike size to get?

    What's the best option a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    Where to go for a bike or even how to look over an MX bike?

    What sort of budget needed for gear to get you going? Where to start on track?


    So here goes!

    So the first question that'll always come to mind is 2 or 4 stroke. First let's take a look at the pros and cons:

    Two stroke Pros

    1. they sound and smell great
    2. track credibility level goes sky high - even if you're a goon
    3. power delivery is addictive (this is also a con)
    4. you will get away with poor maintenance
    5. if you buy a good clean one and look after it it's unlikely that you'll lose any value - in fact they are appreciating
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  6. VIDEO: Dublin City Motocross Track

    So, last weekend one of the shop regulars, Robin Watson, had the chance to check out the (relatively) new Dublin City Motocross track. We got to catch up with him to get the low down.

    Robin, What did it cost to ride for the day?
    I had to join the track (€25) for the year but after that it’s only €15 per day you ride.

    Was it open all day?
    Not all day but plenty of time to get the motos in. They were open 10am-2pm which was plenty as there wasn’t too many bikes there.

    The video looks dusty, how was visibility?
    Pretty good actually but this may have been helped by the fact that the number of bikes that day weren't huge.

    What’s the surface like? 
    It’s hard-pack underfoot but they’ve imported a bunch of sand so it’s holding up well. It's a short track but I found it great for getting practice in - there's no rest places on it!

    What bike did you bri

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