Apex Motocross Track

Apex Motocross Track

I did a recent roadtrip around the UK visiting 4 different tracks and this was the third one I covered. I've rode here for the last few years and it never disappoints - it's a quality facility.

The track is located a bit outside Birmingham, on a small enough site, along the motorway. The surface is perfectly mixed woodchip and soil. It makes for great ruts and, as the whole track is on a hill, it makes it equally enjoyable for complete novices and experts.

There are few big jumps on the track this year which I wasn't getting over and it did take away from the craic as it disrupted the flow. I was everything short of using brakes not to jump/case them. They were just too big for me having seen the local pros jumping it.

apex motocrossApex has washing facilities, toilets and a small shop for light spares. It gets a lot of riders there so arrive early or you'll have a long push to the track as you can't ride in the paddock.

The track gets ripped using a rotavator [hmmm...looks spelt wrong] before each day and even during the lunch break. It reminds me of an AMA type condition that it's left in. Track owners could learn a lot about how to maintain a track from these guys.

Is definitely one of my favourite places to ride and a must if you're into real MX.

Video of Apex MX

That's me on the 42 Honda and the camera is on Robin Watson's helmet. All this footage was caught with a GoPro Helmet Camera.


How do I contact the guys at Apex MX?

You can call Lee Jones on 07989 098289 or check out their site HERE.

Where is Apex Motocross Track?

Directions: Apex Motocross is quite literally on the side of Junction 6 off the M5 motorway. At Junction 6 off the M5 you will come to a roundabout - take the 1st exit if you are approaching from the M5 South or the 5th exit if you are approching from the M5 North.

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