So, why start an Irish motocross team?

Having raced for almost 10 years I know how hard it can be to get support, especially the kind of help that’s needed to keep you motivated for a full season - the team seemed the perfect way to provide this for local riders who are putting 100% into their racing effort.

In the past I ran a casual setup where I helped a few riders on a less formal basis but, at times, I wasn’t fully happy with it. Starting a full team effort was on mind for the last few years but life events kept getting in the way; injuries, wedding, business, house, etc!

However, this year it just seemed to make sense; I wanted to get more involved in moto again, I felt like I could make the time to do it properly, Yamaha Ireland (Danfay) were keen to get a presence, and Stephen Mullally was in search of a ride. Everything seemed to fall into pla

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